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Stained glass replacement

Stained glass

Stained orange glass

Shaped glass replaced

Before – shaped cracked glass

After – shaped glass replaced

Before – front door glass missing

After – front door glass replaced

Before – glass broken to front door

After – glass replaced to font door01

Glass replaced to font door

Glass to sky light

Before – glass smashed

After – glass replaced

Before – removed boards and replaced glass to stairwell

After – glass to stairwell

Glass to shop front

New toughened glass to shop front

d.g unit misted

d.g unit replaced

d.g unit replaced

g.w cast

Glass smashed in communal door

Glass to roof

Georgian shaped bar in d.g unit

Large d.g unit replaced

Large lower d.g unit cracked

Large smashed d.g unit

After – large smashed unit replaced

Before – large smashed unit

Large unit to back door

Leaded double glazed units

Misted d.g unit

Misted d.g unit

Misted d.g unit

Misted d.g unit

New d.g unit

Replaced glass to front door

Replaced smashed window

Safety film to cracked glass in doors

Safety unit to door

Satin glass to door and side window

Smashed glass to front door

Smashed window

Toughened d.g unit to door

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